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FRIDAY 8pm - 10pm (Ages 8+) SATURDAY 8pm - 10pm (Ages 8+). We're different after dark! Limited availability! Strongly recomend purchasing tickets online!

Lock In

Come and join the fun for our first offical Fortnight Lock-in with new limted time Fortnight merch! Febuary 23rd! Doors open at 11:00pm for Non VIP guests. Ages 11 - Sophmore in High School

Toddler Time

THURSDAYS 10am-11am, SATURDAYS 9am-10am ages 6 and under. Online reservations recommened! Limited Availabilty.

VIP Lock In

VIP members receive a free Loot Box, Extra Hour and Half of jumping, first dibs on tournament sign ups and more! Doors Open at 10:00pm for VIP guests