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Fargo Youth Hockey Event

Come and support our Fargo Youth Hockey Teams! All Day Saturday Sept. 22nd and Sunday Oct. 14th


SATURDAY 8pm - 10pm (ages 8+). Were different after dark! Limited availability! Strongly recomend purchasing tickets online!

Lock In

Come and join the fun for another Sky Zone Lock-In!

Sky Mania

FRIDAY NIGHTS 8 PM TO 10PM FOR AGES 8 AND UP. INCLUDES 2 PIECES OF PIZZA AND A SODA THE LAST 1/2 HOUR. We will not be having Sky Mania Oct 5th due to a large event held that evening. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Toddler Time

THURSDAYS 11-12pm, SATURDAYS 10-11am ages 6 and under. Online reservations recommened! Limited Availabilty.